Not About me

I occassionally come across the work of other photographers across the world which catches my eye and for a moment takes me away from wherever I am. On this page I list a few of them. This list keeps on increasing so check back from time to time for updates

Laurent Goldstein – An Architect and then a fashion Designer, laurent now resides in Varanasi, India in order to launch an household linen label involving people living with difficulties. His photography depicts traditional Indian Society in a deeply insightful way

Jan von Hollebon – To me Jan’s work is at the same time Surreal and realistic in a way that touches a deep chord within.

Ryan Brenizer – I have not seen anyone else capture the magic and poignancy of a wedding better than he.  He is also the inventor of what is popularly known as the Brenizer method in photography

Scott Kelby – The president of NAAP, Scott Kelby has also authored books on Photoshop, Lightroom as well as on how to get the better of a digital camera. I learnt a lot from his books

Radhika Raj – An advertising photographer, loves the art of telling stories through her photographs. She also loves travel photography

Elizabeth Halford – A portrait photographer and blogger whose photographers I found full of life