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Kollangod (11 of 13)

Roots… In search of an Identity

I’ve been asked multiple times where I’m from and I would normally go “Bangalore” to which people would ask “but, what about before that?”, “where are your parents from?”… And I would wonder if that was really important. I’m here in Bangalore right now and […]

Pattaya (9 of 27)

Pattaya – Sin City?

While Bangkok is the “Sin City’ of Asia, Pattaya, with it’s exuberant Walking street and Soi 6 come very close. In a lot of ways Pattaya is the more favoured destination due to the variety of entertainment and the closeness of beaches. Pattaya, probably the […]

coonoor (17 of 17)

Coonoor – Past Perfect; Present Continuous

One of my oldest memories as a child is playing with my cousins outside our house in Mount Pleasant, Coonoor where there were rolling meadows outside the patio. It’s so long ago and the landscape has changed to a sordid urbanscape that I question myself […]

Supermoon 2011 (3 of 3)

Supermoon 2011

On march 19th this year 2011, The moon was closest to the earth in the last 18 years. This happened with the full moon coinciding with the day the moons orbit was closest to the earth. Supermoons occur every time a perigee — the point […]

sunlight (1 of 1)

A hot summer morning in Bangalore

2 friends, Roy Sinai & Anil Gulecha,  I met at the first Open Show Bangalore in February and myself decided to have a small photoshoot early on Sunday. While 1 of us decided to walk, 2 of us rode cycles and than constinued walking we […]

Photo submission for the EIPA

February Photography

February was an interesting month for me photography wise. No, I took no new pictures but, I was invited to share my work (A Brief Slice of Heaven) at an exhibition in Bangalore on the February 24th called Open Show and then on the Feb […]

Lakshman & Champaka (75 of 75)

Lakshman & Champaka

This should ideally be read as a sequel to Goa – Dec 2010. The much awaited wedding took place on the 14th of February. Yes I know… what a convenient date. Does this mean double the gifts on an anniversary or do the gifts get […]

Wayanad (13 of 13)

Wayanad -2 days of peace

So off to a start in 2011, the boys club drove down to Wayanad for exactly 2 days and 1 night and that’s including driving time. We stayed in a small place called Meenmutty heights which I will certainly recommend for their food and service. […]

Best of 2010

Breaking the Parallax – The Best of 2010

From the first time I got my DSLR, a Nikon D90, in April, I’ve spent almost all of my free time either shooting or trying to figure out the camera and the arcane secrets of good photography. Starting from April 22nd and my first shoot […]


Tabebuia at Cubbon Park, Bangalore

On 31st December a few of us from BWS (Bangalore Weekend Shoots) decided to go to Cubbon Park to shoot the Pink Tabebuia which was in full bloom. This was the last shoot of the year and we certainly had some fun. To quote from […]


Goa – Dec 2010

Somewhere in a mildly Lucid condition of an otherwise very inebriated Bachelors party in Goa, I managed to pick up my camera and squeeze off a few shots. Not sure I’m putting in any of the censored ones! At least not on this blog since […]


A Portrait of Rajasthan – It’s people and cultures

These are photographs of the people and culture of Rajastahn as I saw them on a quick and hurried trip through the desert state in November with my wife. You can read the whole story here. There are two photo galleries of this trip and […]