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Kollangod (11 of 13)

Roots… In search of an Identity

I’ve been asked multiple times where I’m from and I would normally go “Bangalore” to which people would ask “but, what about before that?”, “where are your parents from?”… And I would wonder if that was really important. I’m here in Bangalore right now and […]

Pattaya (9 of 27)

Pattaya – Sin City?

While Bangkok is the “Sin City’ of Asia, Pattaya, with it’s exuberant Walking street and Soi 6 come very close. In a lot of ways Pattaya is the more favoured destination due to the variety of entertainment and the closeness of beaches. Pattaya, probably the […]

coonoor (17 of 17)

Coonoor – Past Perfect; Present Continuous

One of my oldest memories as a child is playing with my cousins outside our house in Mount Pleasant, Coonoor where there were rolling meadows outside the patio. It’s so long ago and the landscape has changed to a sordid urbanscape that I question myself […]

Wayanad (13 of 13)

Wayanad -2 days of peace

So off to a start in 2011, the boys club drove down to Wayanad for exactly 2 days and 1 night and that’s including driving time. We stayed in a small place called Meenmutty heights which I will certainly recommend for their food and service. […]


A Portrait of Rajasthan – It’s people and cultures

These are photographs of the people and culture of Rajastahn as I saw them on a quick and hurried trip through the desert state in November with my wife. You can read the whole story here. There are two photo galleries of this trip and […]


Rajasthan – The Art, Architecture and it’s landscape

I recently did a 10 day hurricane tour of Rajasthan with my wife, a backpack and my Nikon. You can read the whole story here. I abandoned my 18-200mm lens for a 50mm f/1.8 pretty soon and decided to focus on portraitures of Rajasthan. Then […]

The Ajmer Dargah

The Desert State – Colours of Rajasthan

After a long wait our 10 day break started and me and the wife flew up to Udaipur via Mumbai. We were on a whirlwind tour of Rajasthan where we were trying to pack in as much of the Desert State as we could into […]

The dog and the Shadows

Ella, Sri Lanka

You may have seen my previous post about Henschel 784, a locomotive I had the good fortune to ride in, in the central hills of Sri Lanka. Long though it may be since I posted that story, the memory of Ella remains fresh as I […]

Henschel pulls into Ella

Henschel’s Story

Riding the train from Ella to Hapathule in the mountains of Central Sri Lanka, I was lucky enough to be invited by Mr. Chandradasa, the Engine Driver to ride with him inside the Locomotive, A Thyssen- Henschel, Class M6 The Henschel M6 – 784, manufactured […]

A Long way Travelled

A Brief Slice of Heaven

Laughter of many little children as they darted around us, the shy smiles as we walked about with our SLRs clicking away at anything that moved, some heads bent over books memorizing their contents in classrooms, others tending to daily chores and everyone waiting for […]