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Kollangod (11 of 13)

Roots… In search of an Identity

I’ve been asked multiple times where I’m from and I would normally go “Bangalore” to which people would ask “but, what about before that?”, “where are your parents from?”… And I would wonder if that was really important. I’m here in Bangalore right now and […]

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A hot summer morning in Bangalore

2 friends, Roy Sinai & Anil Gulecha,  I met at the first Open Show Bangalore in February and myself decided to have a small photoshoot early on Sunday. While 1 of us decided to walk, 2 of us rode cycles and than constinued walking we […]



A photograph I had taken of a labourer in City Market a couple of months ago was recently published in the August 14th Issue of Bangalore Citizen Matters a magazine. Below is the excerpt of the writeup I had given about the photograph You can […]


And so it begins!

It’s an interesting thing, this blogging, cos’ as far as saying what you want it can be as anonymous as you want and as public as you want without being hit over your head with a cabbage either for your lack of literary skills or […]

A Toast and a Cheer

A Toast and a cheer… Welcome to Random Thoughts

Welcome to Random thoughts. Here, with a toast and a cheer I invite you to a journey where i shall attempt to show you the world through my eyes, flawed, though they may be… An Architect by profession, and a photography enthusiast, I do not […]