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Coonoor – Past Perfect; Present Continuous

One of my oldest memories as a child is playing with my cousins outside our house in Mount Pleasant, Coonoor where there were rolling meadows outside the patio. It’s so long ago and the landscape has changed to a sordid urbanscape that I question myself as to the veracity of this memory vs a whimsical fantasy.

Coonoor the smaller, lesser known younger sibling of Ooty sits only about 20 km away in the Nilgiris. Coonoor is most well known like it’s larger counterpart for lazy tea estates, botanical gardens, fresh cheese and embroidery and the bus loads of tourists who come to escape the summer heat, to honeymoon or maybe like me to find an alternative location from which to watch the ICC World cup finals and reminisce about older times

Coonoor is slowly losing its charm as it goes the way of Ooty with overcrowding, pollution, reckless land use, throngs of tourists who have not an iota of responsibility to keep the place clean.

Large vistas of Eucalyptus trees and tea gardens are giving way to views of chaotic urban development, potholed roads and taxis waiting to run you over if you are not their fare.

All that’s left is to take a few photographs, record your footsteps to this once beautiful town, watch the tourists search for something to photograph even if it be of a tired old workhorse, (and no, while the metaphor fits, I do not mean Coonoor), some memory to take back, to make the trip feel worthwhile.

But, dig a little deeper, step outside the town and off the beaten path and you’ll find that the Nilgiris are still forgiving. There are still beautiful vistas, colourful flowers, pretty gardens and well tended slopes. Let’s hope that this doesn’t die off that easily. Let us remind ourselves not to take this for granted and that we leave something for the tourists to photograph.



  1. arindam haldar
    Posted 30 Apr ’11 at 7:51 am | Permalink

    a lovely short piece Abhishek…liked the photos too! good to know another nature lover like me! keep up the good work… :)

    • abhishek
      Posted 30 Apr ’11 at 5:12 pm | Permalink

      Thanks Mate! Much Appreciated

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