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A hot summer morning in Bangalore

2 friends, Roy Sinai & Anil Gulecha,  I met at the first Open Show Bangalore in February and myself decided to have a small photoshoot early on Sunday. While 1 of us decided to walk, 2 of us rode cycles and than constinued walking we decided we would take 1 photograph every minute by the clock of whatever presented itself to us at that spot at that moment. Almost in a way – Accidental or should I say “Incidental” Photography.
With the Morning Sun beating down on me as I gasped through the cycling (I haven’t been on one in the last 15 years), I decided that where ever I could I would play with the Sun in the composition.
There were innumerable times when I wished I could have moved from my spot or gone to the other side for a better composition but, the point of the shoot was to see what you could capture from an arbitrary fixed location.

PS – There’s another story to what happened to my backside after the cycle shoot but, thats a story for a different time and best heard over a couple of beers.

The first photograph in the series isn’t actually taken on the same shoot but, I felt it was a fitting addition to the summer morning photographs.


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