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Breaking the Parallax – The Best of 2010

From the first time I got my DSLR, a Nikon D90, in April, I’ve spent almost all of my free time either shooting or trying to figure out the camera and the arcane secrets of good photography. Starting from April 22nd and my first shoot at Masinagudi on a holiday to the last shoot of the year on the 31st December 2010 with BWS at Cubbon Park, I’ve learnt a lot about what to do to get a good photograph.

Looking at the number of photographs that I’ve not shared, I probably learnt a lot more about what not to do but, whatever narrows the gap, right?

The best part about my interest in photography is probably that it’s gotten me of my backside and actively running around doing stuff. I was looking back at what I’ve shot over the year and I’ve picked my favourites.

My experiments with photography, in this, my first year has been nothing short of fun and a learning experience. In my first post on my Blog  I briefly mentioned the Parallax Effect and I quote “This reminds me that the obvious, the surface of things is just that… the surface. This reminds me to look beyond the face of things and see what is generally hidden, by what could be called a social parallax.”

This year for me has been all about breaking the Parallax

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